A doula is a supportive companion experienced in childbirth and professionally trained to provide childbirth labor support. A doula provides continuous physical, emotional, informational and advocacy support to birthing families during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period.

Studies have shown the following effects of doula support:

Labors are shorter.
There are fewer complications.
Cesarean rates are reduced.
There is less need for oxytocin to speed up labor.
Use of forceps is reduced.
Women request less pain medication and epidurals.
Mothers have greater satisfaction with childbirth.
Moms experience less postpartum depression.
Babies have shorter hospital stays and fewer admissions to special care nurseries.
Babies breastfeed more easily.

As a doula, I will meet with you and your partner to discuss your hopes and concerns for your birth.  I will help you identify what's important to you in your birth experience and I will work cooperatively within your birth team to help you realize your goals. I typically meet with you and your partner two times before the birth. I also prefer to accompany you to one prenatal visit to become familiar with your provider if I have not worked with them previously.  I then provide continuous support throughout your labor, birth and immediate postpartum period. Finally, I will meet with you at least one time after your baby is born to process your birth experience together and admire your newest family member!