"Words will not be able to adequately describe my profound thanks for the opportunity to work with you.  Being an introvert, I was a bit hesitant at first, but you helped me keep my sanity during labor! Thank you for being a part of A's birth and for making the most stressful thing I could think of stress-free."  

-Mama L (Haverhill, MA)

"Thank you so much for being a calm and supportive presence during our marathon labor, bringing our little A into the world. Your help meant so much to us, and we value our new friendship"

 -Mama A  (Gloucester, MA)

"We would not have made it without you! Despite the challenges and obstacles of J's birth, having you there to support us through the whole ordeal was amazing.  Thank you for going above and beyond for us." 

-Mama K (Beverly, MA) 

"Hiring Rollyn to be our doula was the most important part of our birth plan. She was incredibly supportive leading up to, during and after the birth of our daughter, Rowan. 
Honestly, for most of my pregnancy, I didn't plan to have anyone else involved in the birth except for my husband and the midwives. We had taken a natural birth course and knew about the role a doula played and the benefits, but we thought it just wasn't for us. I was concerned that having a stranger in the birth room would make me feel uncomfortable and be awkward for my husband. 
However, as I got closer to my due date, I started to panic about whether I would be strong enough to endure the pain necessary to have an unmedicated birth. I knew my husband would encourage me and support my wishes, but I also knew that he would be overwhelmed by the experience. I realized that I really could use another advocate on our team. 
I knew Rollyn through a mutual friend and had heard she was offering doula support. I reached out to her within weeks of my due date, and she responded immediately. My husband and I met with her to discuss my pregnancy and our birth plan. After the meeting, we both agreed that we felt completely comfortable and safe with her and that we wanted her to be a part of our birth. 
I was almost two weeks overdue and Rollyn checked in with me regularly to see how I was feeling physically, mentally and emotionally as I waited in anticipation for our baby girl to arrive. On the day I started to go into real labor, she helped us figure out when it was time to go to the birth center and was there waiting for us when we arrived. 
Most importantly, she was amazingly caring and helpful during the birth. She came with essential oils and a variety of other tools to increase my comfort. She helped me stay strong when I needed to push through pain, and soften when I needed to rest and restore my energy. 
Because of Rollyn's presence and support, my husband was able to take breaks, get fresh air, and eat and drink. That's really important when you're in the midst of hours of labor. And, she also stayed with us for a few hours after the birth and continued to offer support through taking photos, offering snacks and organizing our belongings. 
Truthfully, she helped us get through one of the most challenging and beautiful experiences of my life with ease and grace. I will absolutely ask her to be a part of our next birth. " 

      -Mama E (Salem, MA)

"I quickly realized that it's true what they say that every pregnancy is different - and that perhaps I needed the support of a doula with my second child even more. Rollyn was attuned to the emotional and physical challenges of balancing care for myself and my baby with my toddler at home. She was critical in connecting me with resources to help address the unique needs of this pregnancy and this baby. My whole family benefited from her help throughout my pregnancy and while preparing for birth. When it came time for G's arrival, Rollyn's steady hand and encouragement were pivotal in guiding me through a difficult labor into what ultimately was an incredibly joyful and empowering birth experience."

          -Mama L (Marblehead, MA)

"I chose Rollyn to be our doula for the births of both our first and second baby, in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

I chatted with a few other doulas beforehand but I decided that Rollyn was the best fit for us.  The reason for that was that, from our initial exploratory meeting in a coffee shop in 2016, I was struck by her positive energy.

Our experience from both births is that Rollyn will be your birth advocate, your steadfast companion, your listening ear, and your guide through the sleep-deprived days of new parenthood.

We went through a difficult time following our first birth.  Rollyn's support was invaluable through those weeks.

Rollyn brings a wealth of experience but, more than that, she is just so down-to-earth, kind and good-humored.  Her generosity of spirit makes her a very special and a very capable doula.  My husband and our parents (baby's grandparents) are also big fans of hers, and we're all grateful to her for all that she does.  Rollyn is exactly the type of person I want by my side, no matter what kind of birth I am having."

         -Mama M (Marblehead, MA)

I chose to work with Rollyn because she conveyed the right balance of warmth, ease and professionalism. Birth is such an intimate experience— it was important to feel that I was investing in not only a service but a relationship. From our initial meetings I sensed that I would feel safe with Rollyn in my most open, vulnerable state. Most importantly, Rollyn was a supportive and loving guide on the most physically and mentally challenging day of my life. But she also went above and beyond to support my partner and me in the months leading up to the birth of our son. She was available to field questions, discuss concerns, and connect us with additional resources in the community. She encouraged me to share updates on my prenatal care. Due to my age, I had a lot of tests and monitoring in the third trimester— Rollyn always checked in to see how the baby and I were doing. Her experience working with pregnant and laboring women and their partners, as well as the labor & delivery medical team, put my partner and I at ease and gave us the confidence to pursue a low-intervention birth. In her unique role, Rollyn perfectly complemented our amazing birth team, who facilitated the positive, empowering birth experience I had hoped for. My partner referred to Rollyn as a “rock star” and "a calm and confident influence in an overwhelming situation." There were unexpected perks, too! Rollyn took photos immediately following delivery, capturing some incredibly special images of our son’s first moments Earth side. She also kept L&D notes to share at our postpartum visit. Having turned inward to cope in the latter hours of labor, my recollection of details and timelines were hazy. Rollyn’s notes were invaluable for recounting my  birth story. Having shared such an extraordinary experience, we will always have a unique connection with Rollyn and won't hesitate to request her support if a second baby is in our future! 

              -Mama T (Peabody, MA)

Rollyn's involvement in our birth was such a gift! Her support throughout the pregnancy was so important to our journey into parenthood - from our meetings leading up to the birth, her availability to answer questions and provide resources, she helped to put our minds at ease and did all she could to make sure our birth experience contained all of the components we desired. Rollyn's spirit is gentle, kind, and loving, she is the type of person that makes one breathe a little easier just by being with her! The birth of our dear son was intense and filled with many unexpected turns (as they all are!) and Rollyn was there for us every step of the way, providing the utmost physical, mental, and emotional support. Rollyn has gone above and beyond our expectations, visiting us after the birth and has become someone we hope continues to be a presence in all of our lives for years to come! We cannot imagine our little guy coming into the world without her there!

            Mama P (Beverly, MA)