My doula services include the following:

An initial virtual meeting meeting to get aquatinted and discuss your birth preferences. A list of my favorite resources along with access to a fantastic on-line childbirth education class. Text/phone support throughout your pregnancy.  1-2 prenatal visit(s) in person to finalize your birth vision and learn how we can best create a team of support for you during labor. 

I will be on-call for you leading up to your due date until your baby arrives. I provide early labor 24-hour phone support until you are in active labor and ready for in-person support.

I will stay with you from the time you want or need in-person support throughout labor and birth. I may take short breaks for meals and/or rest if time allows – this will be discussed with you at the time and I will not leave you if it is inappropriate.

Assistance in managing unexpected circumstances with compassion and knowledge. Helping you remain informed, empowered and at choice during your birth experience is one of my greatest values.  

Photography at labor and birth, if desired.

I have access to many local prenatal and postpartum  services and can make referrals for you.  

A 1-2 hour postpartum visit(s) to process your birth experience and offer any needed postpartum support referrals.  


Fee for doula services as outlined above is $1500-$1800 (depending on your location and amount of time working together). 

Half of the total fee ($750-$900) is due as a retainer at the time you select me as your doula and return the signed contract. This is non-refundable.  

Virtual support: if hospital policy does not allow for in-person support due to COVID-19 or other circumstances, or if you are not in the Boston area and desire virtual birth support, I am able to do so through FaceTime or Zoom during your labor. This would cost $300 along with the retainer fee.